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Terrace Finance is proud to be the commercial finance and leasing partner for Vivid EV lithium-powered neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV). Whether you need a single golf car or a whole rental fleet for your business or municipality, we can help. Terrace Finance offers access to a variety of financial products including installment loans, finance agreements, and lease agreements. Even new businesses and those with credit challenges are welcome to apply to pay over time for the clean power and reliability of a Vivid EV Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. Our consultative 1:1 service is available to you free of charge so we can have an understanding of your goals before you apply.

Golf Car Financing & Leasing

Terrace Finance represents a network of 50+ lenders & lessors serving the full spectrum of credit profiles and dollar amounts through a SINGLE APPLICATION. Our program lineup is curated to handle the business and personal needs of the most people with unmatched flexibility and a hassle-free process.

All Credit Profiles
New & Established Businesses
New & Used Equipment
Bundle Multiple Items


Transactions of


Applications in the name
of an individual


Transactions of

$5000 and Up

Applications in the name
of a business


Transactions of

$15,000 and Up

Applications in the name
of a government entity

How it Works

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Apply online through our simple application. Reach out to our live customer care team any time during the process if you have questions or need help:
Call: 888-509-1370
Text: 877-202-4165

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We route your application through the Terrace Finance lender network to find a payment solution for your unique credit profile.* Once approved you’ll know your purchasing power!

Commercial customers may be contacted to better understand their business goals.


You will receive instructions on how to take your approval to a dealer in our network or one of your own choosing.

You have 30 days to use your approval, so you can take your time choosing the right model!



Review and e-sign the documents, and we’ll finalize the transaction with the merchant lickety-split so you can start mowing!

Terrace Finance is not a lender. We route your application through

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