A Simple Solution

As a merchant, are you frustrated with the number of financing companies that want you to offer their financing products? Most of these platforms are owned by a single lender and don’t offer the breadth of solutions you need for all of your customers. The Terrace platform was designed to offer a full range of financing options through its curated network of lenders who work together to cover all of your bases.



The Terrace team helps you to install and operate the platform at no cost to you. There are no contracts, no commitments, no minimums, no anything. All we ask is for honest feedback during quarterly surveys so we can improve the user experience.


We make the financing process simple so your sales process flows smoothly. We route the application to the lender that best meets the profile of your customer so they receive a solid offer quickly. 


Our lender portal makes it easy to monitor where your customers are in the application process so you can help them with the steps needed to complete the sale.


We have tools within the platform to remarket customers, push customers to your solutions, and manage complaints. Our team is here to help you to grow. 


Whether you want to restrict certain types of financing, brand the application, integrate to your eCommerce platform, or get information directly back to your systems, we give you the flexibility to control how the platform services your customers. 

"There are no costs to our merchants. We install, operate and improve the platform without any obligations to you." 

Our team is here to answer your questions.