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Why Terrace Finance?

Terrace Finance is a shared lender platform serving a broad spectrum of applicants. All credit profiles. Personal, commercial, and municipal. Many industries. This is appealing to merchants seeking a one-stop financing solution for customers. But what does that mean for a lender on the platform?

You receive pre-qualified applications in your sweet spot.

As an established lender, you’ve developed your own niche. Although our audience is broad, we encourage you to stay focused. Through customized algorithms, the Terrace Finance decision engine filters applications based on the financial criteria you set. We funnel those appetite-specific, pre-qualified applications to you enabling a higher success rate and a lower cost of acquisition for you.

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Our lender network is cooperative.

Rather than competing against each other, the Terrace Finance network of lenders works together to serve a wide range of applicants, regions, and industries. The platform is curated to minimize overlap between lenders and limit gaps in coverage. Through this symbiotic relationship, lenders receive applications they would not have otherwise received when going it alone.

Enjoy a low-friction merchant experience.

The Terrace Team is here to handle set-up, training, and ongoing customer service for merchants. You just sit back, receive your steady stream of single-sourced applicants and do the underwriting! We handle questions, resolve glitches, and market the platform.

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Customers and merchants love us!

Being a one-stop-shop relieves a lot of pressure from merchants who don’t have the time to learn all the programs of various lenders. Customers love Terrace because they don’t have to do multiple applications to get approved. Customers and merchants both love that although we have automation, we also have expert customer service to back it up. Plus we’re just nice!

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What’s the Catch?

Sound like utopia? Well, it’s not easy to establish or maintain, but it’s worth it! All we ask of you is to be open and honest both with the platform and the applicants. Know and own your niche, be clear and transparent about your terms and conditions, and work with us to perfect our algorithms and process.


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