Playing to Your Strengths

As an established lender, you’ve already built your business serving a targeted customer range. Our advanced decision engine allows us to filter applicants based on the financial criteria that you’ve built your business on.

We seek lenders who are realistic about their appetite and focused on their niche. Our goal is to assemble a variety of lenders who are willing to work together, not against each other, to service our wide range of applicants. By staying focused, each lender enjoys a steady stream of single-sourced applicants with a low cost of acquisition.

It’s a win-win proposition: 

You enjoy a higher success rate, and applicants are only presented with viable financing options. 

It is with your success in mind that we require you to treat customers fairly by being clear and transparent in your terms and conditions. When customers understand and agree to the terms, fraud and default rates decrease.

Sound like utopia? Well, it’s not easy to establish or maintain, but it’s worth it! Maintaining an open and honest relationship with the platform is critical to enjoying a long period of success with us. Changes in the economy, within your organization, to the quality or quantity of applications are inevitable, but staying within your niche and operating with integrity remain the keys to success. 

"Expect applications the day after we get you live.."

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