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This application gives you access to many commercial financing solutions including equipment, inventory, franchise, working capital, and more!

How it Works

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By filling out the application, you are creating an account with Terrace Finance. The questions you will be asked are designed to get the ball rolling on pinpointing your unique needs.

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Tell Us Your Story

There are a lot of variables in commercial financing. A team member will contact you to make sure we are taking any special needs into account and have all the documentation necessary to be eligible for the right program. Certain programs require more documentation than others.

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Get Matched

With all the information complete, we submit your application to a lender likely to approve the deal. We can also match you with a product and dealer or provider if you haven’t selected this already.

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Get Funded

Upon your approval by the lender, eDocs will be presented to you for your electronic signature. Review, sign, make any first payments or think about it a bit. Once signed, the lender will fund the deal and you’re good to go.

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  • What are my chances of qualifying?*
  • Can I definitely finance the item I want?
  • What kind of program/payments can I expect?
  • What about working capital?
  • Can someone just walk me through?

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*Been turned down by another lender?
We specialize in 2nd Chance Financing!

Commercial Express Program

Transactions of $500-$15,000
  • Super fast approvals
  • No credit needed
  • Wide credit range

$1 Buy-Out Program

Transactions of $5000-$250,000
  • Wide range of credit considered
  • Can be structured as a lease or finance agreement