Frequently Asked Questions

From Merchants

A: No catch. Our cooperative model between applicants, merchants, lenders, manufacturers and partners places the costs to the companies that receive the benefit, specifically the lenders. 

A: Yes ? as long as you?re a registered business and pass our background checks, we will consider you to join the platform.

A: For exactly the reason you stated ? you get these requests all the time. Rather than managing a bunch of lending options yourself, why not join a platform that will do most of the work for you? As a participant, you have a voice in the lenders and solutions that we offer.

A: You can brand it to your company but that requires some extra work to implement and some extra maintenance to maintain. When encourage you to see our demo to see how we retain your brand throughout the process.

A: Some lenders are instant, some other lenders require documentation and review prior to making a decision. A lot of that depends on the amount financed. 

A: Great question and the answer is we don?t know ? we need to build a profile of your business and then we will provide a map showing our coverage and plans to fill in any gaps that are discovered.

A: Yes ? our solution is designed for both B&M and eCommerce sites ? and companies that do both. There are slightly different implementation methods for each type of business that we would be glad to share with you during a demonstration.