Frequently Asked Questions

From Lenders

A: There are two models Рper application fees and success fees. Per application fees are tied to your specific appetite and therefore a very direct way to measure mutual success. Success fees are harder to define and require lenders to commit to operational performance metrics. We can work with you to decide the best method to meet your business needs. 

A: There are three ways: 

1) better applications Рsending you only applications that meet your appetite reduces time to review applications 

2) applicant packages – we gather the application, documents (if you require), and third-party information so that when you get an application its complete and ready to process

3) lower cost to acquire – we believe our fees are substantially lower than the cost to acquire a new customer organically (e.g. social media, direct marketing to merchants). Let us prove to you the savings.

A: Absolutely Рthis is the key to a cooperative platform. Each lender defines their appetite to those applications that have the best chance of approval. 

A: We would kindly ask for direct feedback to our merchant support team. We would open a ticket, assign resources to research and resolve the issue and hopefully make you satisfied. We pride ourselves on our honestly – even if it cant meet your needs.