Consumer Financing

Transactions of $50 to $50,000

Sample Programs & Payments

The Terrace Finance multi-lender platform is changing all the time with new lenders and programs being added and updated. Programs will vary by state, product, dollar amount, and the credit situation of each individual. Below are a few consumer programs from our lineup to give you an idea of what you can expect. Exact quotations and terms will be provided by the lender/lessor who is making you an offer.

General Products Loan


Better Credit Customers

  • Fixed rate APR based on credit tier
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Term length options
  • Bundles of items eligible

Low Payments Lease


Average Credit Customers

  • $1 due at signing
  • Term lengths structured to keep payments low
  • Skip-A-Payment option available
  • 30 Days Same as Cash option
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Bundles of items eligible

No Credit Needed Funding


Challenged Credit Customers

  • No Credit Needed
  • Instant decision
  • Early payoff options
  • Term length options
  • Bundles of items eligible

Small Ticket


Challenged Credit Customers

  • No Credit Needed
  • Instant decision
  • $0 due at signing
  • 90 Days Same as Cash option
  • Flexible spending limit
  • Bundles of items eligible

We encourage you to read the terms of the lending program you are matched with carefully before accepting any offer.

How it Works

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Apply through a participating retailer or right here to be connected with one.

Reach out to our live customer care team any time during the process if you need help:
Call: 888-509-1370
Text: 877-202-4165

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Get Matched

We route your application through the Terrace Finance lender network to find a payment solution for your unique credit profile. If a lender/lessor makes an offer to you, they will specify the maximum amount you can spend.

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If you decide to move forward with the offer, you will receive instructions on how to take your approval to a local merchant or be fulfilled through a national retailer.

You have 30 days to use your approval, so you can take your time choosing the right product!



Review and e-sign the contract with the lender/lessor for the final purchase amount.

We’ll make sure everything is finalized between the lender and the retailer, so you can take home your items or have them delivered.

What products are eligible?

Terrace Finance serves a network of merchants and equipment dealers specializing in the things you need and want. Here are just a few of the types of items we finance. Not sure if we finance what you’re looking for? Need a merchant recommendation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Apply online through the apply link on this page. The Terrace Finance platform will work to match you with a compatible lender/lessor and return a finance offer to you*.

Once approved, you will know how much you have to shop with. Look for an email from our Customer Care team ( with instructions on how take your approval to order from a national chain through us.

You have 30 days to make your product choices and provide us the links.

If any point you have any questions or concerns, Customer Care is here for you.
Call: 888-509-1370
Text: 877-202-4165

When your product choice has been made, a Customer Care team member will help you fulfill your order with the merchant. When your contract with the lender/lessor is signed, your items will be released to you or ordered and scheduled for delivery or pick up (if available).

Pay over time through the lender/lessor.

*Approval and approval amount are subject to credit eligibility and not guaranteed. Must be 18 or older to apply

A: When submitting an application, the following information will be required:

  • Personal Information (name, address, phone number, SSN, etc.)
  • Employment Information (status of employment and employer name)
  • Income
  • Additional details, such as proof of income, monthly housing cost (ie rent or mortgage), may be required depending on the lender/lessor program you are matched with.

A: Our lenders/lessors offer programs that cover consumers across the credit spectrum from perfect credit to no credit. Qualifications vary by the lender/lessor but in addition to credit score, most providers take a look at payment history, debt-to-income ratio, income, and employment. We pride ourselves on providing a pathway to ownership for people with less than perfect credit, however approval and approval amount are not guaranteed.

A: Short answer: maybe…Terrace Finance conducts a “soft credit pull” to take a glance at your credit score and route your application to a lender that is within range. A soft credit pull does not affect your credit score.

Once you are routed to a lender/lessor, they may need to conduct a “hard credit pull” to confirm eligibility. This is a necessary step for many lenders/lessors, especially when the requested dollar amounts are higher.

Review our credit pull policy here: Credit Pull policy

More information on soft & hard credit inquiries and how they affect your score can be found on the FICO site:

A: We work with multiple consumer lenders/lessors that service a range of credit profiles. Terms vary by the lender/lessor and loan or lease program you are matched with during the application process. With multiple lenders/lessors available, it is not possible for us to know before you apply, which program you will be a candidate for or provide an accurate quote. Get a ballpark estimate here.

Upon approval you will be given payment specifics and, depending on the lender/lessor, term length options which affect the payment and total cost. You are under no obligation to sign the final agreement unless the offer meets your needs.

A: If you are shopping at a local merchant that already offers Terrace Finance, apply through their unique application link and choose your products in-store.

If you have a merchant in mind that does not offer Terrace Finance, we may still be able to work with them to fulfill your order. Give us a call at 888-509-1370 to make arrangements

If you would like to shop online, we encourage you to browse on retailer sites such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair & Overstock and bookmark brands and models that will best meet your needs. Upon approval, you will receive instructions on how to provide us with your product choices.

Once you’ve chosen your product(s), we will work with your preferred retailer on your behalf to fulfill your order.

A: We are here for you! A live Customer Care team member will be happy to assist you over the phone at 888-509-1370 or via text at 877-202-4165 during business hours.

If you need to take a break, don’t worry. Your progress will be saved. You can log back in to continue. The login button can be found in the upper right corner of our website or you can follow the link in the welcome email you received (from

A: Go ahead and reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link under the window and following the prompts.

A: Be sure to check your junk email folder for crucial messages from

If there are no messages there, it is possible there is a piece of missing information that is holding up your application. Please call for assistance from a live Customer Care team member at 888-509-1370 during business hours.

They’ll let you know your application status and what the next steps are.