Commercial Programs

Equipment Financing
Transactions of $500 and Up

Grow Your Business With the Right Equipment

Allow Terrace Finance to help you make sense of the specialized world of commercial lending. Because we are not a lender but represent 20 lenders and counting, we are able to offer a broad range of programs to a wide audience. Use the guide below to determine which features are most important to you, and we will work with you to match you with a lender and program that meet your needs.

Financing Comparison Chart

Variations of these programs may be available to suit your unique needs.
Speak with a team member for a personalized assessment.

NEW! Collateral Based Financing Program Program

Amounts of $20,000-$5,000,000
Use the cash, collateral, or real estate you already own to leverage acquisition of more equipment.
New businesses, past bankruptcy, credit challenges all considered.

Commercial Express Program

Amounts of $500-$15,000
Full approvals in seconds!
No Credit Needed

Fleet Lease Program

Amounts up to $250,000
Take advantage of the remaining value in your old equipment when it’s time for new.

10% Residual Program

Amounts up to $250,000
Take advantage of the remaining value in your old equipment when it’s time for new.

$1 Buy-Out Program

Amounts up to $250,000
This tried & true program can be structured as a lease or finance agreement.

9 Month/3 Month Program

Amounts of $5,000-$35,000
Sync your payments to the seasonal rhythm of your business.

Start-Up Program

Amounts of $5,000-$30,000
In businesses for under 2 years? This program can help you get started and grow.

90 Day Deferred Program

Amounts of $5,000-$150,000
Get a headstart on cashflow before full payments kick in.

6 Month/Step Program

Amounts of $35,000-$75,000
Get an even bigger headstart on cashflow before full payments kick in.

Working Capital

See our programs designed to fund inventory, operations, expansion and emergencies. 

Municipal Financing

Variations on the above programs are available for municipalities. Find out more about what situations qualify.

What Kinds of Equipment Do We Finance?

How Equipment Financing Works

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Complete the application.

The Terrace 1-page commercial application gives us enough information to get the ball rolling. You can complete it online right here or through a participating merchant.

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Tell us your story.

The Terrace Finance commercial team will contact you to assess your needs further and help you compile the necessary documentation. We’re not afraid of a little paperwork!

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We’ll find your match.

Terrace Finance will match you with an appropriate program and lender based on your credit profile and needs. We can also match you with a merchant that carries your desired product if you haven’t selected one already.


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