What is Terrace Finance?

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For Applicants

It’s a user-friendly process that gives all borrowers access to fair financing for a range of needs with a greater chance of approval through a single streamlined application.

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For Merchants

It’s a one-stop financing tool that makes it simple for merchants to offer fair financing to their full spectrum of customers. Merchants don’t have to memorize programs or worry about the process knowing a team of experts is protecting their interests and getting deals done.

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For Lenders

It’s a platform that funnels appetite-specific, prequalified applications in a clean format for lenders to underwrite and approve with ease, all at a reasonable cost.

Since Launching in August, 2019…


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Our Bright Idea

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After 30 years of experience in the finance industry, our founding team realized people are still intimidated by the financing process. With so many options out there, how can the average person navigate it? Customers are tired of filling out multiple applications, facing turn-downs, and never being sure they got the best rate. Merchants are overwhelmed with the number of lenders wanting them to sign on to offer their individual programs which they then have to learn. Lenders are tired of getting too many applications that don’t meet their criteria. Our team conceived a new kind of lending platform, a hybrid of technology and the personal touch, that eliminates the hassle for all parties. The Terrace Team is proud to have already succeeded in:

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Streamlining the application process for borrowers

With Terrace, all applicants fill out one application to have access to our multi-lender network. Our automated consumer application includes specific need-defining questions that pinpoint the applicant’s optimal lender match. If for some reason, that lender cannot fund the transaction, the application waterfalls to the next best match without the customer having to do anything. Commercial applications work similarly but with the individual attention of an experienced customer service team member.

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Increasing the quality of financing deals offered to applicants

Many lending platforms are owned by a single lender and offer automation, but limited options that favor the lender. Platforms with multiple lenders offer more options, but customers must sort through and make sense of them on their own. The Terrace team decided to approach things differently with a hybrid model. Terrace Finance offers the breadth of solutions of a multiple-lender platform combined with the technology to pinpoint the best deal for each applicant’s needs. Customers are only presented with the best deal – no guesswork – from a lender that wants them as a customer. Live support is there for customers who need it. Having an expert available to finesse deals can make a material difference to applicants in the total cost of their transaction.

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Relieving the pressure from the merchant in the financing process

Terrace Finance is truly a one-stop financing solution. Merchants on our platform no longer have to deal directly with multiple lenders or learn separate programs and application processes to cover their consumer, commercial, or municipal customers’ needs. Nor do they need to stack lenders to cover their customers’ range of creditworthiness. Merchants can trust Terrace to efficiently arrange the right financing, no matter who the customer is, so deals get funded quickly.

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Saving time and money for lenders

Lenders don’t like turning people down, but if they receive applications that are incomplete or don’t meet their criteria, that’s what happens. It’s a waste of time with an easy fix. Terrace Finance’s intelligent decision engine filters applicants based on each lender’s individual criteria. Lenders who are part of the network only receive applications with a high likelihood of approval. It’s a win-win for the lender and the applicants!

Meet the Founding Team

Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan

Co-Founder and Chairman

Mark understands that finance is just as much about relationships as money. Mark is a firm believer that things don’t have to be so hard.

Andy Hopkins

Andy Hopkins

Co-Founder and CEO

A lifelong entrepreneur, Andy can recognize a true need in the marketplace when he sees it. He’s also an operations guy who knows how to “git ‘er done.”

Robin Eitel

Robin Eitel

Co-Founder & SVP Sales

Robin brings her knack for business development and building teams to the table. She believes a positive cooperative culture is everything and fosters that with every partnership.