What is the Terrace Finance Platform?


It's a tool that makes it simple for merchants to offer financing  to customers and increase sales  at no cost to them. 


  It's a process that gives borrowers to access multiple lenders though one application for more approvals at realistic interest rates.


It's a platform that funnels appetite-specific, pre-qualified applications to appropriate lenders at a reasonable cost.

Our lender platform takes the guesswork out of financing the products and services you need.

With over 30 years of experience in the finance industry, our team set out to rethink the financing process.  We started from the ground up looking at each step from the consumer standpoint.  The time it takes to fill out applications from multiple banks was our first stop.  With Terrace, you fill out one application, and our lender network finds you the best offer.

If you're ready for a better financing experience that allows you to take your purchase home today, then Terrace Finance is your answer.

Our Leadership Team


 Mark Brennan 

Co-Founder and Chairman

 "Mark understands that finance is just as much about relationships as it is about money."



 Andy Hopkins 

Co-Founder and CEO

  "A lifelong entrepreneur, Andy knows a true need in the market  space when he sees it."


Robin Eitel

Co-Founder and SVP Sales

  "Robin’s knack for business development and building teams is a big key to our success."

Financial Tips & Advice From our Team


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Financing Home Improvements


 Tutorial: Applying for a Consumer Loan

with Terrace


When Does it Make Sense to Finance For Your Business?

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