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3 Creative Monthly Payment Solutions You Can Use Now

Creative monthly payments for equipment finance or lease agreements can provide peace of mind for unpredictable lead times.  These solutions enable you to secure your spot in the production line—before the line gets even longer!  As the line grows, so too do interest rates and product costs.  Waiting to place an order can result in paying significantly more for the same product and financing.

We have 3 creative solutions to help.

6-Month Deferred Payment Lease or Finance Agreement

Example amount: $50,000 
Term: 60-month 
Payments 1-6: $99
Followed by: 54 payments of $1,000

Step-up Lease or Finance Agreement

Example amount: $75,000 
Term: 60-month 
Payments 1-6: $250
Payments 7-12: $500
Followed by: 48 payments of $1,800

6-Month Interest Only Line of Credit—

(which converts to a fixed monthly payment lease or finance agreement)

Let’s use an example of $150,000.

  • You can use as much or as little as you’d like.
  • During the initial 6-months, you can add equipment orders to the line of credit.  
  • The dealer is paid by the lender for the order and you make interest-only monthly payments.
  • You can continue to add additional orders and only pay interest for the total amount currently paid out to the dealer.
  • When you are finished adding orders, the total of all orders paid is rolled into a fixed monthly payment agreement.
  • In this example, let’s say $100,000 of the original $150,000 was utilized.  
  • This $100,000 over a 60-month term could be $2,000/mo.

To learn how we can customize these creative finance solutions for your business, reach out to John Papadopoulos today at 954-636-8571 or

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